Delivering Direction and Control – Episode 36

Guest: Steven Zeiger, Managing Director of KB Financial

In this episode, David Warren – Co-Founder and Chairman of Bridgeford Trust Company – sits down with guest, Steven Zeiger – Managing Director of KB Financial. Steven utilizes the only patented prudent processes for life insurance selection and retention and joins David for an intriguing discussion on the legal guidance on life insurance illustrations from FINRA, the UPIA, adjudicated lawsuits, NYS DFS, the CFP Board and the NAIC. Steven is well known in this area of study and has been asked to educate members of STEP, NAEPC, PLI, NYC EPC, the ABA, the CFA Society, FI 360/Broadridge, and dozens of other groups on the application of prudent investor guidelines to life insurance product selection and portfolio management.

Life insurance illustration comparisons are confusing and misleading according to industry regulators, but independent research can provide the clarity that fiduciaries crave in terms of easing their frustrations related to life insurance: conflict of interest and lack of transparency. Independent research offers the “full story” that is not available with typical life insurance illustration analysis, and research helps advisors understand which policy will lead to a better outcome for their clients. This episode expands on Steven’s life insurance guidance and research as well as Monte Carlo simulations for life insurance.