Bridgeford Trust Company is celebrating a very successful one year anniversary! Operating as a South Dakota fiduciary with trust powers recognized by Pennsylvania, Bridgeford Trust Company’s founders chose to be chartered in South Dakota because they passionately believe that selecting the proper trust jurisdiction is vital and that the decision as to where to place a trust is as important as the decision to create a trust in the wealth planning process.

Routinely ranked as one of the nation’s best and most progressive trust jurisdictions – as recently as October 1, 2013 – Bridgeford Trust Company’s South Dakota trust charter allows us to avail our clients of industry leading fiduciary solutions including some of the most advanced asset protection and dynasty trust capabilities in the nation.  In addition, South Dakota law provides the most powerful privacy provisions and the most progressive directed trust statutes in the country, allowing clients to work with asset managers of their choosing in the trust relationship.  The reality is that, because of the progressive nature of South Dakota’s trust laws, wealthy families no longer need to look offshore for access to powerful asset protection and privacy laws.

Robert Vowler, former President and CEO of Hershey Trust Company and current member of Bridgeford Trust Company’s Board of Directors indicates that Bridgeford Trust Company meets a very important need in Central Pennsylvania and beyond. “Bridgeford Trust Company’s access to industry leading trust capabilities through its South Dakota charter, independence, and its willingness to work with non-traditional assets such as real estate, closely held stock, and collectables, is a powerful differentiator that fills a huge void in the Central Pennsylvania advisor community and beyond.” Vowler adds, “The ability for a client to work with Bridgeford Trust Company as the administrative trustee together with an investment advisor of their choosing through the directed trust structure is a real game changer for the region because it puts control back into the hands of clients and their advisors.”

David Warren, President and CEO of Bridgeford Trust Company, observes that more change has occurred in the fiduciary and trust arena in the past twenty years than in the previous two centuries. Executed through a multi-family office platform, the vision for Bridgeford Trust Company from the beginning was to embrace this change and represent a new and emerging wealth management paradigm that focuses on bringing independence, collaboration, and world class capabilities to the marketplace.

Bridgeford Trust Company’s impressive first year success is clear evidence that our service paradigm is indeed meeting the needs of advisors and high net worth families.  By the end of this year, Bridgeford Trust Company anticipates assets under administration to well exceed $200 million, comprised primarily of large families in Pennsylvania and across the country. Bridgeford Trust Company looks forward to the coming years with optimism. We are confident that our vision will continue to meet the needs of those in Central Pennsylvania and beyond.

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