Bridgeford Trust Company is thrilled to be featured in Finance Monthly’s May 2021 edition, discussing the power of modern U.S. trust law. Finance Monthly is a global publication delivering the latest Financial Services and Fintech news, along with comment and analysis for those at the center of the corporate sector through their monthly magazine and website.

In the published piece, David A. Warren, JD – Co-Founder and Chairman of Bridgeford Trust Company – reviews progressive and flexible trust laws as well as the vital importance of choosing the proper trust jurisdiction. Given the economic uncertainty created by the pandemic and as we brace for tax changes, choosing the proper U.S. trust jurisdiction with the most progressive and flexible trust laws is more important now than ever. The article covers topics such as directed trusts, trust protector, domestic asset protection, privacy, fiscal soundness, and concludes with Bridgeford Trust Company’s objective and well-researched chart comparing top tier U.S. trust jurisdictions.

We invite you to read the article on Finance Monthly’s website or in PDF format by clicking here.

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