Bridgeford Trust Company is excited to once again be sponsoring the STEP LATAM Conference taking place on October 14-15, 2021 in Riviera Maya, Mexico. The conference brings together renowned lawyers and banking, trust, and accounting professionals from around the world, and the two days feature cutting edge presentations and discussion designed to build knowledge across borders related to the planning, structuring and management of wealth in Latin America. Following the recent release of the “Pandora Papers,” this year’s conference will be particularly relevant and timely. As widely reported, the wealth planning industry worldwide was confronted with a massive data leak, which has been manipulated by the media to cast sophisticated and legal planning work done for families around the world in an inappropriately nefarious light specifically in the areas of tax planning (NOT tax evasion), privacy (NOT secrecy), and permissible asset protection under the laws of progressive and highly regulated trust jurisdictions.

David A. Warren – Chairman and Co-Founder of Bridgeford Trust Company – will be attending the STEP LATAM Conference. If you are going to be there as well, we would love to see you so please stop by Bridgeford Trust Company’s booth, or reach out to us so we can be sure to connect. If you would like additional details about the event, visit the conference website at

The Power of U.S. Trusts for International Families

The United States continues to be the jurisdiction of choice for international families. If you missed it, you can watch this video of a recent presentation Bridgeford Trust Company held in Miami that featured experts from across LATAM and provided an update on the social, economic and political forces that are motivating LATAM families, and families around the world in general, to look at the U.S. as the preferred “offshore jurisdiction” for planning solutions.

You can also click here for an informational webinar about many of the factors bringing international families to the U.S. and modern trust law planning tools available in top tier jurisdictions like South Dakota.

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