Like many trust companies, particularly in South Dakota, Bridgeford Trust Company leaned on the support of a more established trust company years ago to assist with our launch, keeping us compliant and operating properly under South Dakota law. As we’ve grown and become fully independent with two offices in South Dakota, our team can give back to the professional community and provide the same trust company host/incubation services to start up public and private trust companies, and we have been doing so for over a decade.

The essential compliance and regulatory aspects of running a trust company in South Dakota are extensive and our team – comprised of JDs, CPAs, CTFAs, CFAs, CFPs, and professionals with many years of fiduciary experience – is intimately familiar with the nuances of the South Dakota Division of Banking requirements and can deliver the back-office, clerical, compliance, and trust administration services to help incubate young trust companies.

Bridgeford Trust Company provides a comprehensive list of services to ensure the success of the host companies we serve, and whether you are looking for a full-service provider or limited services, we can tailor a package to meet specific needs of both private families and public entities.

You can view this list and learn more about our host services for trust companies on our website. For more information and to talk with our team about designing a host company service package that works for your trust company, call (605) 224-9189 or contact us online.