Episode 27 is now available on Bridgeford Trust Company’s Delivering Direction and Control podcast series! In this episode, David Warren – Co-Founder/Chairman of the Board of Bridgeford Trust Company – sits down with guest, David James – Advisor/Managing Director at Coastal Bridge Advisors, a wealth management firm built to help uncomplicate clients’ financial lives.

During their conversation, David James discusses how challenging 2022 was for most traditional stock and bond markets due to factors such as rising inflation, rising interest rates, and a strong dollar. As an experienced advisor familiar with the many different types of investments, David James and his team worked with clients to run an extensive diligence process and offer strategies for recommendation, including alternative investments. As 2022 continued, alternative investments were on full display, improving portfolio diversification and providing attractive benefits when combined with a traditional portfolio of stocks and bonds.

As their conversation continues, it’s clear how this “big idea” thinking around portfolio diversification using alternative investments, in conjunction with modern trust law and tax efficiencies found in no income tax states like South Dakota, can result in a proverbial “home run” for families.

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