cpbjBridgeford Trust is honored and thrilled to be featured in a recent Central Pennsylvania Business Journal article entitled, “For Trust Companies, South Dakota is An Alluring Place to Charter”.  The piece does a nice job capturing the essence behind the rational for the creation of Bridgeford Trust and its decision to obtain a South Dakota trust charter.

As the article indicates, the vision for Bridgeford Trust from the beginning was to create an independent financial services provider, built upon a multi-family office service model,  serving the needs of high net worth families with the most sophisticated and progressive planning tools available in the nation, including an industry leading domestic asset protection stature, solid dynasty trust capabilities, robust privacy provisions, powerful tax advantages, and the statutory platform to provide our clients the ability to work with asset managers of their choosing. Our research very quickly confirmed that Pennsylvania trust law did not provide the tools to serve our clients in a way that was consistent with our vision.  After several months of additional research, including conversations with advisors and trust companies from around the country, we determined that South Dakota trust law offered the most compelling solutions for our clients and target market based upon many of the points addressed in the article. For additional information about the powerful advantages that Bridgeford Trust can bring to client relationships through our South Dakota Charter, including videos, charts, and white papers, please visit the news section of our website.

For questions on the article or additional information about Bridgeford Trust Company, please feel free to contact us via our contact page.